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Fab Lab San Francisco


We will offer several workshops at Fab Lab San Francisco aiming to educate the community in digital fabrication. workshops will cost $50 dollars per person for a one-day workshop and will include all materials required. In these workshops we will work towards creating a prototype from start to finish using digital fabrication tools and machines. To apply for a workshop click the link below of the desired workshop.

  • General workshop Digital Fabrication: Date to be announced as we are still in a planning phase (aiming for mid 2013)
  • Grasshopper + Rhino Workshop: A three-day beginners workshop in Grasshopper and basic Rhino Modeling. During this workshop we will cover the basics of Grasshopper with a short introduction for those that are unfamiliar with Rhino 5. This can be a great way to start in Digital fabrication and will teach you several methods to quickly and easily convert your 3D models into a laser cut, CNC milled or 3D printed prototype.