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Fab Lab San Francisco

Useful Links

We have compiled a list of useful links associated with digital fabrication. This will include tutorials, machines, material types, fonts and much more.

Fab Lab Information Links

Open Source Machines

  • RepRap – a great resource for bulding your own 3D printer or just learning about 3D printing in general.
  • Buildlog.net – a great website created by Bart Dring which has a phenomenal forum on Laser Cutting. Bard Dring is the designer and creator of the open source laser cutter named the 2.X Laser. The website has a great wiki and much more such as tons of information on 3D printers, especially the Ord Bot (created by Barton Dring as well).
  • Shapeoko – ShapeOko is a low cost open source CNC milling machine created by Edward Ford, using inexpensive materials that are readily available or easy to fabricate. A resource well worth checking out.

Digital Fabrication Resources

  • Fonts for fabrication: – great fonts that only use one line. This is optimal for use with CNC machining, engraving, scrapbooking, cutting among others.