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Fab Lab San Francisco

Fabrication For Kids

We are working an creating a program in digital fabrication for kids of all ages who are interested in digital fabrication methods like 3D printing / 3D Scanning and creating their own prototypes. Kids can be some of the most ingenious inventors who


3D Printing / Scanning Workshop


The 3D Printing and Scanning workshop will be to create a physical 3D model from scratch using computer aided design software and a 3D scanner. Our aim is for each child to learn how to create their own toys using their imagination and simple tools. The material covered in the main (level 1) workshop will be:

  • 3D scanning using simple methods that can be used at home like the Xbox Kinect or even a digital camera. We will look at creating our own 3D scanner that your child will create and be able to bring home with him.


  • 3D modeling using computer aided design (CAD) software. We use free software that can be downloaded by your child at home for free to continue to learn in a fun and creative environment. We will import the 3D scan created and modify it in creative ways for optimal learning experience.


  • 3D printing of the model created. Each model will be printed for kids to take home with them and show their family and friends. We use a thermoplastic extrusion 3D printer that is used with plastics that are found in Lego for example. This is a safe and non toxic material that works great with children’s toys.



Workshop Level 02

There will be an additional workshop for kids to create programmable toys:

  • Learn to use a small Arduino board (like a very small computer) that can use sensors to interact with devices.