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Fab Lab San Francisco

Fab Lab SF Laptop Stand – On Sale!

owen-laptop-stand-version-01_preview_featuredFab Lab San Francisco has designed an open source laptop stand that is currently on sale for $29,95 (the money raised will go towards setting up our upcoming lab – all our designs will be for sale and made available as a free download for self fabrication). The designs are free to use and share for personal use, we would prefer that you do not sell our stands. We are happy to customize any stand to fit a specific laptop model.

Fab Lab San Francisco Laptop Stand

All profits will go towards setting up our Fab Lab as well as a fund for community projects. We greatly appreciate any feedback and will take custom orders upon request. Please email us first before placing international orders. For international customers please understand that shipping may vary greatly.

fablab-san-francisco-laptop-stand Designed to be press-fit for easy assembly with no additional hardware needed (no glue, nails, etc). We are proud of product and take pride in offering it to you for a low cost assembly kit.

laptop-stand-assembly Each piece is laser-cut on our very own laser cutter and is inspected for deformations. You will receive the very best quality product and will have a satisfaction guarantee.

fablabsf-laptop-stand-files We have made a fabrication pdf available that can be directly read by a laser cutter. Use 3/16″ (ply)wood for best results.

Fab Lab San Francisco Laptop Stand