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Fab Lab San Francisco

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Our blog features creative and innovative fabrication project and ideas, many of which are found right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco is an extremely creative city and we would like to share what is going on around us and what new creative ideas are being thought up this very moment.

Fab Lab San Francisco’s 3Doodler

Fab Lab San Francisco is one of the first in line for a 3Doodler coming in October. We will organize a special event for kids to come and use the 3Doodler and experiment with 3D ...

Feb, 22

D-Shape Life-Size 3D Printing (Enrico Dini)

D-Shape is a new robotic building system using new materials to create superior stone-like structures. This new machinery enables full-size sandstone buildings to be made without human intervention, using a stereo lithography 3-D printing process ...

Nov, 24


WikiHouse is not a single, finished product, but an open community project, the aim of which is to make it possible for anyone to design for anyone else. There is no fixed design ‘team’ or ...

Nov, 24

Neil Gershenfeld @ TED Talks 2006

MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld talks about his Fab Lab, a low-cost lab that lets people build things they need using digital and analog tools. It’s a simple idea with powerful results. Prof. Gershenfeld is re-defining ...

Nov, 09

Randall Museum in San Francisco

The San Francisco Arts Commission and the Randall Museum announce the installation of Windswept, a wind-driven kinetic fa├žade by Charles Sowers. Consisting of over 500 freely rotating directional arrows, Windswept transforms a blank wall into ...

Nov, 09

Portable Shelter

In the United States there are an estimated 144,000 homeless veterans who are in dependent transitional housing, shelters, or living on the street, according to a report issued recently by the VA in partnership with ...

Oct, 29

Kijani Grows – Smart Garden Aquaponics

We stubled upon an amazing project done by a local company “Kijani Grows” in Oakland. Using Arduino boards to communicate with his aquaponics system. A great way for people to grow their own food in ...

Oct, 29


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